Meet the spring fashionably! Trends in make-up for spring / summer 2018

Meet the spring fashionably! Trends in make-up for spring / summer 2018

The spring / summer season of 2018 is opened with bright colors. This year at the height of fashion several trends related to color at the same time, written in Vogue.

Fashionable girls are offered:

  • use the colored eyeliner;
  • get bright eye shadows and lipstick;
  • make the day's smoky eyes;
  • decorate makeup with rhinestones;
  • draw unusual arrows.
Focus on the eyes

This year, makeup artists decided not to limit imagination.

They offer:

  • add neon shadows to makeup;
  • highlight the eyes with bright eyeliner;
  • draw unusual arrows, sometimes beyond the eyelids.

Particular attention is recommended to give the lower eyelid. Bright color eyeliner and false eyelashes on the lower eyelid will make the image brighter and more seductive.

The main advice is not to overdo it with color and still look at the individual features of the persons face.

Do not lose relevance black eyeliner. Black arrows recommend to draw volumetric and massive. Also, make-up artists allow you to make a daily smoky eyes to give a look more expressiveness. Mentioned Gothic make-up.

This year, experts call upon to use pink and peach eye shadows. Such solutions will visually reduce age and make the form easier.

Attention was paid to the use of highlighter. For a more open look, experts recommended to put it under the eyes.


If the riot of colors offered by makeup artists is not yours, still to stay in the trend will help makeup in the style of "nude." A fresh, well-groomed form is achieved, including with the help of natural shades. For creating a form, you can buy cosmetics in the stores "Ruble Boom" and

Make the look more expressive will help focus on the eyebrows. This season, still prefer the large eyebrows with a drawn shadows, but they should look as natural as possible, not to violate the integrity of the image.

At the height of fashion also makeup on shiny skin. For a long time, girls were trying to achieve a smooth matte face, and this summer, makeup artists offer to use a shiny foundation and emphasize the focus on the face with the help of a highlighter.

Focus on the lips

In this season, lip-gloss came into fashion. For giving volume and expressiveness to lips, it is recommended to use glossy shine and lipstick, preferably with the effect of moist lips.

Also it is fashionable to wear a lipstick with a "pearlescent glow". If earlier light nacre on the lips sent us to the "90s" with pink shades, this year you will not have limit on it and you can try, for example, a shade of "khaki".

Lifehack from makeup artists: To create a pearl effect on the lips, use eye shadows and apply them over lipstick. You will get a light glow of pearlescent glow. Then you can fix makeup with a lip gloss.

Another trend is the ombre on the lips. For these purposes, you need to use lipstick from one color range with a difference minimum two shades. In the shops "Ruble Boom" and you can buy lipstick with different colors and shades.

For more courageous girls, makeup artists suggested to use two different colors on the lips. For example, cover the upper lip with pink lipstick or leave unpainted, and the bottom one - bright red.

You can also experiment with colors, successfully look unexpected shades like: blue, khaki, violet.


This spring and summer make-up artists offer to paste rhinestones on:

  • eyes;
  • lips;
  • cheeks.

They can be used as decor for bright arrows with an unusual patterns.

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Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and attractive offers and campaigns!
Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and
attractive offers and campaigns!