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We could convince you with words.
But why should we prove something?

We could specify the current number of our stores. We could let you see the market size of our business, name every big trade center and city in our country where we have opened our stores, we could proudly circle all the cities on the map of the European part of Russia where we work or soon will begin working, we could count the number of customers who visit us every day and list famous names of our partner companies… but why should we prove something?
Our partners know that:

  • We meet our obligations under contracts and pay rental fees on time;
  • We are ready for flexible decisions that meet the interests of both parties
  • We prefer long-term cooperation, and our partners do not need to look for new tenants,

because we care about our business, prize credibility in business, and understand the importance of our partners.

What is trust composed of?

In contrast to local partners, we possess all the potential of a big company. 18 years of operational experience under various economic conditions has taught us to make balanced decisions with long-term perspective. We know what makes the success of our business, and this means our partners also can rely on a stable relationship.

What type of real estate property do we rent?

  • With easy access for pedestrians and heavy truck transport;
  • With a total area from 120 to 1000 sq. m;
  • Located on ground floors;
  • Having a permitted power supply starting from 5 kW (kilowatt);
  • With utility systems: heating system, water supply, electrical power supply, sewage system.

Let’s start now

We can start cooperation today. You get a tenant, and we get the opportunity to make the lives of our customers more comfortable!

Select the most convenient way to communicate:

Telephone: 8 800 333 0123 toll free in Russia


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Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and attractive offers and campaigns!
Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and
attractive offers and campaigns!