Why to buy pet food better than to cook it yourself

Why to buy pet food better than to cook it yourself

Often, the owners prefer to prepare pet food for themselves or treat them to the table.

Such food will turn into a pet:

  • digestive disorder;
  • a metabolic disorder;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • liver disease;
  • overweight.
It is a mistake to believe that only purebred animals suffer from the desire of the owners to do "as best". The organism of a pet taken from a shelter or on the street, does not differ much from the organism of a thoroughbred cat, except that the immunity is slightly better.

Disadvantages of cooking at home

As a rule, pet food is prepared 2-3 times a week. Cats prefer to feed from the table.

The cooked food at home includes:

  • cereals;
  • vegetables;
  • meat.

Even daily cooked food can not be compared with the food from the pack because it is inferior in quality to the formulation, it is not possible to calculate the balance of which in the kitchen conditions.

Feed from the store

Special food for a cat or a dog is made taking into account the needs of the average representative of the species.

The recipe includes:

  • the age of the animal;
  • Lifestyle;
  • the need for vitamins;
  • features of digestion, etc.

Therefore, before you choose food in the "Ruble Boom", read the notes on the packs:

  1. Junior. These feeds are intended for animals up to a year and a half.
  2. For sterilized animals. As a rule, pets gain weight after sterilization, they have a hormonal background and require special nutrition.
  3. For pets. In a pet that prefers not to leave the apartment (home), activity is reduced. He needs light food, which will be absorbed during the day and will not cause digestive disorders.
  4. For active animals. An active animal or animal that has undergone stress, needs food with high protein content. The protein participates in the construction of the muscle framework and helps to cope with daily loads more easily.
  5. For sensitive pets. It happens that with age or due to the peculiarities of the digestive tract, the pet needs food for delicate digestion.
Dry food or wet

There is no fundamental difference between dry and wet forages. Manufacturers
try to maintain the formula regardless of the release.

Some veterinarians recommend that owners of cats alternate dry food and canned food. Others say that the pet has enough food by one type of food. Therefore, it is important to look at the pet's desire.

Dog owners are advised to give dry food and fresh vegetables for complementary foods.

If you decide to feed your pet with wet food, remember, one pack should be eaten by the day. Dry food can be in the bowl as much as you want.

Why you can not feed the dog with cat food, and cat canine

Owners of cats and dogs often wonder why not start buying one feed for both pets.

Veterinarians warn that this can not be done in any case, because the feed is created taking into account the peculiarities of metabolism and the structure of the animal organism.

Principal differences:

  1. Fatiness. A dog can develop liver disease if fed with cat food regularly, because he is fatter than a dog.
  2. Taurine. Cats need taurine in food. The dog's organism develops it independently. Therefore, the increased content of taurine in the diet will cause the development of ear and eye diseases in dogs.
  3. Vitamin A. It is necessary for a cat, a dog does not care about the presence of a vitamin.
How to choose pet food

When choosing animal feed in "Ruble Boom" pay attention to the parameters:

  • ratio of protein and carbohydrates (at least 40% protein);
  • ratio of ingredients, the better the feed, the more meat in the composition.

For the first time, it's better to buy a small portion of sample food.

Also, when choosing a feed, it is recommended to read the reviews. Often the tastes of cats coincide and the owners write about it on the web.

How to feed a pet

A pet is recommended to feed in the same place. To prevent the bowl from moving, a mat is placed under it.

Cat new food poured into an empty bowl. She is able to dose the food, and will not eat more than necessary.

The dog needs to be fed once in the summer and two in the winter. She does not control the amount eaten and, as a rule, this care falls on the owner.

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Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and 1b.ru
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