Cosmetics wholesale. How to find a supplier

Cosmetics wholesale. How to find a supplier

Cosmetics - a relatively comfortable product for retail.

Pros of its sales:

  • steady demand;
  • shelf life;

if there are discounts or favorable prices, you can make good profit.

How to find a supplier for a cosmetics store

Household chemistry and cosmetics store is a profitable investment if it is opened in a place with high traffic.

However, it is more important to find a supplier with which you can work more than one year and on favorable terms.

Where can I find the suppliers of cosmetics:

  • from competitors;
  • in the search engine;
  • on specialized sites;
  • at exhibitions;
  • dealer network of shops;
  • in specialized mass media;
  • to check the packing of goods.


Not an ethical, but effective way to find out where a competitor is taking the goods - pretend to be a meticulous buyer and ask the seller for quality certificates. By law, such certificates are available in every store and are provided on demand.

Often certificates of conformity are issued not by the manufacturer, but by the supplier. Remembering the name of the supplier, you can contact its managers and find out the terms of cooperation.

Take into account, the proposed conditions may not coincide with the conditions of the competitor, especially if he has worked with the same dealer network for many years.

Search engine

To find a supplier, in search engines you can:

Enter the name of the product. With this method of searching, you can easily start viewing the results, issued on page 3-5. Suppliers, unlike shops, do not allocate money for SEO-optimization of sites. Often, and their resources are far from ideal and completely not adapted to modern search engine ranking requirements.

Therefore, at the beginning of the list, the search engine will give out the resources of companies that offer not always favorable terms of cooperation, but have taken care of optimization. Therefore, we recommend that you have enough patience.

Make a request with the word "supplier".

Often, with this formulation, the search engine issues special directory sites that help find suppliers. We recommend to consider these resources in a separate order, and to search for suppliers' websites, it is better to begin researching search queries from the fifth to the sixth page.
Write a query with the word "producer". Having phoned the manufacturer, specify who supplies their products to stores. Perhaps it makes sense to agree on direct distribution.

Specialized sites

Separately, it is worth exploring special sites that help find a supplier. In such catalogs, several suppliers, including manufacturers, have been collected.

However, there are also disadvantages of this way of finding partners for business, there is no complete information on the catalog sites.

Catalogs are providing contacts to more than twenty suppliers:


Note that both sites have opened long ago and how often information is updated on them is unknown.


A simple and common way to find suppliers is specialized exhibitions.

You can see the calendar of exhibitions in Russia on the following websites:


Visiting the exhibition, we do not advise to conclude a contract with the supplier immediately because he has a charismatic manager. To find advantageous terms of cooperation it is important to view information about the company on the Internet.

Dealer Network

Dealer network is a costly project, which includes:

  • hiring employees;
  • construction of a logistics network;
  • organization of warehouses.

This decision will not be possible for every store or manufacturer. It is much cheaper to use existing networks.

If the dealer network builds a sales network ready to sell goods at wholesale prices, this indicates that the same products are also delivered to its stores. This supplier already has delivery and this solution can be seen as an extension of the business to business (B2B) segment.

Bring back that the shops "Ruble Boom" and
have a proposal for wholesale buyers. Also, on our website you can check the cost of products and methods of delivery.

Specialized media

Periodically, suppliers advertise in specialized media. Such ads were much several years ago, but it is easier for a supplier to place contacts on the Web and in specialized directories.

Packing of goods

If you examine the packaging of the product, it contains information about the manufacturer or supplier in Russia. You can call the specified phone and managers will advise whom to contact.

How to choose a supplier

To select a provider of practice, it is recommended to compile a table with estimates.

It are put for indicators:

  • the cost of the goods (per unit, per lot);
  • the minimum batch of purchases;
  • is there a minimum order requirement (maximum)
  • finding a company warehouse;
  • terms of delivery (availability of transport from the company, self-delivery);
  • guarantee of delivery, its periodicity;
  • product certificates;
  • payment Methods;
  • availability of discounts;
  • work with marriage (return procedure, discounts);
  • work with illiquid (whether it is possible to send illiquid back and under what conditions);
  • the company's reputation, its image.

Evaluating suppliers by these criteria, you can compare the scores of each of them and make the final choice in favor of the optimal.

To protect yourself from fraud, we recommend that you check the vendor. You can do this on different resources, including through the service:

Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and attractive offers and campaigns!
Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and
attractive offers and campaigns!