"Clean Thursday." Take cleaning gradually

"Clean Thursday." Take cleaning gradually

Orthodox, even if they do not hold the "Great Lent" preceding the "Pascha", they prefer to restore order in the house on the eve of the celebration.

If you are a housewife and children have grown, you can do a general cleaning for a day, a maximum of two, and a woman who is at the office from 9 to 18:00 and arrives at home by 19:00, at best. Will find time for a spring cleaning on Thursday.

We suggest not to deviate from traditions, but to plan general cleaning in advance, for example, for the period: Monday-Thursday.

We recommend to do cleaning not by "shock pace" for one weekend, but gradually.

Of course, the main work will have to be done on the weekend the day before, but if there are more than two people in the family, and even a cat (dog) in addition, there will be nothing left by Thursday for general cleaning.

Getting ready for the weekend

By "cleaning week" you need to prepare.

Visit "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru and purchase or update the funds:

  • for washing the floor;
  • for washing glasses;
  • for cleaning the plate;
  • for cleaning tiles and taps;
  • for polishing.

Also, it will not be superfluous to update:
  • rags;
  • sponges;
  • gloves.
To use of household chemicals reduces cleaning time by at least 20%. For a long time already nobody rubs frying pans from a dirt with sand, it is much easier to soak it in a special agent and simply to wash off.
Draw up a chart

At work they put a deadline and force them to make plans for a month. Why not make yourself a cleaning plan for a week and do not schedule deadlines, selecting for cleaning, for example, an hour in the evening. The plan can be placed on the refrigerator door.

It can look like this:

Monday- remove and wash the curtains, wash the windows and wipe the windowsills. This year, "Clean Thursday" will not please with dry weather, so it is enough to wash the windows only from the inside.

Experts recommend not using a cleaner with acid and alkali in the composition to clean the plastic window sill. They destroy the structure of PVC and eventually the window sill turns yellow.

To remove stains from flower pots, in "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru you can buy a universal product "Mr. Proper "or" Sarma ". Add it to water or apply directly to the sponge and wipe the window sill.

Tuesday - cupboards, bathroom. If you bring home to the case, asking everyone to dismantle the cabinet during the day - you can save time. But, as usual, the children are removed reluctantly in the cabinets, and the husband and does believe that "takes the bread" from his wife, if he puts in order personal space. Limit the wiping of dust and glass.

If there are a lot of things and shelves, we recommend that you start a "storage system" in the course of time. When you open the cabinet of disgrace hidden in boxes and cute boxes, it is not visible, plus, it is localized, and does not extend to the entire shelf.

To clean the bathroom do not skimp on the cleaner for cleaning tiles and taps. They can be applied and leave to put things in order in the closet and after a while wash it off with water. Again saving time and effort.

Wednesday- kitchen, laundry of bed linen. As usual, the kitchen requires the most attention. If you do not have time to mature the hood, you can postpone this activity on Thursday.

The best investment of money at this time is good household chemicals.

For example, you can buy funds:

  • for washing kitchen surfaces "Mr. Chister";
  • for washing dishes «Fairy»;
  • for washing the floor «Mr.Proper».

Purchase of household chemicals in "Ruble Boom" and 1b.ru will help save time and money,
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Thursday- If you have time to do the cleaning according to plan, on Thursday there will be a standard cleaning and small strokes. If you have the time - refresh carpets with detergents, or simply wash the floor thoroughly.

The main thing on this day is to hang the curtains back and gather the underwear hanging the day before.

Owners of lacquered furniture can polish surfaces and arrange beautiful Easter accessories.

If this week you were helped home, do not forget to thank them.

Signs associated with "Clean Thursday"

In "Clean Thursday" it is recommended to wash windows and doors with water and small change. To do this, put a handful of coins in the basin. After harvesting, the trifle is folded into a canvas bag or tied in a handkerchief, which is placed in the far corner of the apartment (house).

It must, of course, be clean.

Purification on this day is offered to begin with yourself. Ideally - take a bath or take a dip on Thursday before dawn. If this is not possible, you can wash with silver water. To prepare it the night before, they collect a basin and put a silver object in the water (a ringlet). It is better to wash with such water in the morning.

On this day, money is recounted three times in the house.

Only consider them should be the one who manages finances. You can not distract the believer, otherwise there will not be any sense. It is recommended to perform the ritual at dawn, at noon or at sunset.

Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and 1b.ru attractive offers and campaigns!
Stay tuned to all Ruble Boom and 1b.ru
attractive offers and campaigns!