Ingredients in cosmetics that cause allergies

Ingredients in cosmetics that cause allergies

An allergy to cosmetics for people with sensitive skin is a punishment, and if an aggravation happens on the eve of an important event it’s a catastrophe at all.

Before you buy cosmetics in the store "Ruble Boom" and familiarize with its composition.

We offer a selection of components that can cause an allergic reaction.

Alfahydrokisloty (Acids AHA).Used for peeling.

This acid:

  • exfoliates the epidermis;
  • alleviates acne symptoms;
  • reduces pigmentation spots.

AHA acid from the fruit group, can cause allergies and dermatitis. Use it too often is impossible. The skin becomes sensitive to external influences and needs a prolonged moistening.

Paraffin (Petrolatum - Vaseline).

Paraffins create a feeling of oily skin.

They can be present in cosmetics in the form of:

  • liquid paraffin;
  • isoparaffin;
  • Vaseline.

The use of paraffins can clog pores and cause the development of bacterias. Its using leads to aggravation of acne.

Propylene glycol (Propylene Glycol).

If the skin is not damaged, this component effectively moisturizes it. However, if you apply makeup with this ingredient on the damaged skin, it can become inflamed.


For most people, amines are not capable of damaging the health of the skin, but in rare cases, they are also capable of provoking an allergy.

Amines hide under the codes:

  • PPD is para-phenylenediamine;
  • PTD - p-toluene diamine;
  • ONPPD is 2-nitro-para-phenylenediamine.
Silicone (Silica).

Silicone is used in cosmetics as a smoothing agent.

Most often, they are added to:

  • means for hair care;
  • bases for make-up;
  • creams.

In cosmetics for face, people with acne should be avoid of silicone, because it clogs the pores and its too tightly "attached" to the skin.

In the composition of lipstick you can find:

  • lead (Plumbum (Pb);
  • carmine;
  • lanolin.

Lead in lipstick is not dangerous, but can cause allergy in sensitive people. A strong allergen is lanolin, which is used as a moisturizer. Vaseline is also used as a moisturizing ingredient, but with prolonged use it dries the skin.

In decorative cosmetics, also used components that can cause an allergic reaction:

  • PEG-6 sorbitan stearate (PEG-6 Sorbitan Stearate);
  • Silicone (Silica);
  • Methylparaben;
  • Propylparaben (Propylparaben);
  • Titanium Dioxide (Titanium Dioxide);
  • Aluminum powder (Aluminum Powder);
  • Kaolin;
  • Tocopherol acetate (Tocopheryl Acetate);
  • Mineral Oil (Mineral Oil)
  • Zinc Oxide;
  • Talc (Talc);
  • Tocopherol acetate (Tocopheryl Acetate);
  • Thimerosal;
  • Benzophenone-3 (benzophenone-3).

Preserving agents methylparaben and propylparaben are capable of causing allergies and irritation of the skin around the eyes.

Exceeding the content of titanium dioxide, which is used in sunscreen cosmetics, can be fraught with allergy, itching and burning.

Aluminum powder, which gives color is negatively affects to the nervous system.

Talc irritates the lungs, otherwise it is safe.

The remaining components are not so dangerous, in case of an overdose they can cause redness, itching and burning.

Almost all manufacturers use:

  • preserving agents;
  • antioxidants;
  • other components that can cause an allergic reaction.

Therefore, in order to completely protect yourself from harmful substances, you can make cosmetics by yourself.

Surely, this is hardly possible at home, so just read the composition of products and buy certified products from well-known manufacturers who are responsible for the quality of their products in the "Ruble Boom" and stores.

Also remember the basic rules of using cosmetics:

  1. If the makeup brushes, sponges and blenders lie on the open space, they must be treated with antiseptic agents. It is necessary to conduct the procedure at least once a week.
  2. Observe the shelf life of cosmetics. As a rule, cosmetics have 2 shelf life: before the packaging is opened and after. Do not use cosmetics for longer, even if at first glance it seems normal.

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