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Private brand

Products of the 1b.ru private brand are of a guaranteed quality at low prices. 1b.ru is always cost-effective

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1b.ru – modern, dynamically developing brand. Private brand 1b.ru is created specifically for customers, making it easy to choose in each product category. Due to the knowledge of its audience, the company reacts more flexibly to the needs of customers, providing stable quality at a low price.Every month new products appear in the product line 1b.ru. Trade mark 1b.ru- it is more than 100 names of the goods for personal hygiene, for care of beauty, children’s goods, for maintenance of cleanliness in the house and means for washing.

Trade mark 1b.ru actively develops partner relations with the Russian and foreign companies – manufacturers of the consumer goods. We work on exclusive terms with manufacturers directly, without intermediaries. This guarantees control over production, product quality, pricing and distribution.

Low costs for advertising and marketing, due to more effective promotion of goods at the point of sale, significantly reduce the cost of our brand. Hence – a lower price for products compared to similar products of other brands.

A wide assortment of the goods of mark 1b.ru is allows you to make high-quality placement of goods in each of the presented categories. Buying products 1b.ru, you get a quality product at the best price.

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