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лого для аптек

1b.ru pharmacy – are an integral part of the beauty and health stores 1b.ru, and they are also opene at Ruble Boom stores. The feature of this kind of pharmacy is an open display. This allows for each customer to become more familiar with the product’ innovations and special price’ offers of 1b.ru.
What is more, the core principle of our store chain is favorable prices for all goods, sold in the pharmacies.

Pharmacy in beauty and health 1b.ru store are:

  • Product’ innovations and best offers for those who care about their health and the health of their relatives;
  • Exceptional atmosphere: a comfortable places where you can chose all that you need out of a vast number of pharmaceuticals, health products, medical devices, and other complement products;
  • You can get nice gifts by participating in constantly organized interesting events;
  • The professional advice of our pharmacist will help you to choose the appropriate medicine, ranging from an effective remedy for headaches to luxury therapeutic cosmetics and other effective skin and hair care products;
  • You can also measure your blood pressure for free in our pharmacies and get necessary consultation to select medical equipment. It is possible to order necessary medicine via telephone.

If you want to buy necessary products for your health and the health of your family and to save time and money while getting correct advice, then 1b.ru pharmacy is the best choice!

1b.ru pharmacies. Your health is in your hands!


You can find out the address of the nearest pharmacy location via telephone: +7 800 333 0123  (Toll free in Russia)

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